Shabbat. The Sabbath. Shabbos Kodesh. There many names for the Jewish weekend, but they share one meaning: The holiest time of the week.

As the sun sets on friday, slipping below the hills on the horizon, mothers and daughters from around the world come together for an exalted moment. Welcome to candlelighting: The opening ceremony of Shabbat. The Shabbat candles bring light into the home, so that we can see what blessing that there is in our lives. To appreciate every facet of our wonderful existence with from a newly illuminated angle.

As we step into Shabbos the world is pristine. It’s magical. Candle lighting welcomes us into the day from which all other days will bear us fruit and prosperity. There is much success waiting just around the corner, but it’s the Shabbos that opens the gates and ushers it in.

This is the true meaning of the candles that we light on the Sabbath. As we begin to receive the tremendous bounty that God releases into the world on this day, the first thing we do is light a candle. We want others to share in that light and to enjoy it with us. We spread the light of Shabbat in our souls, out to the whole world.

This explains the practice of giving a small amount of Tzedakah – charity – just before candlelighting. We are making the most powerful proclamation: God, on this day, before You energize my being with the radiance of Shabbos, I just want You to know that I’m not keeping it to myself. I want everyone in the world to be warmed with the light of Shabbos.

What can I do?

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