Our after school program is intended for our students whose parents both work full-time, students from broken or dysfunctional homes. Without this program, these children would be latchkey kids; at home alone or watching younger siblings; spending the afternoon in a stressful family environment.

The program is held at our school from 1:30PM to 4PM and starts with a nutritious hot lunch.

The program offers a variety of special activities: art, crochet and embroidery. Staff members help with homework and give workshops in improving basic life skills including communication and socialization.

Our aim is to provide relevant social activities that combine enrichment, creativity, developing social skills and instilling good habits; all in a relaxed atmosphere while providing reassurance and encouragement.


The Story of Orit

Orit is 5 years old. Her mother is severely depressed – to the point where she is unable to leave her bed and take care of her household and children. Orit’s father works long hours as a maintenance man to make ends meet. If Orit would go home after school, there would be no lunch waiting for her and no one available to care for her until the evening when her exhausted father returns home from work.

Orit stays at the Tzedakah V’Chesed after-school program. She receives a hot, nutritious lunch, help with her homework, and fun extra-curricular activities. Orit also participates in the special after-school life skills workshops, which help her to acquire the basic social, communication and self-care skills she needs to succeed in life.