When you’re Looking for a Top Israeli Charity…

A top Israeli charity supports the weakest members of its society. The greatest leaders have all agreed that a society is judged by how it empowers its weakest links, not by its more theatrical accomplishments.

In a certain way, we’re attracted to charity movements that display their achievements in big lights. Many organizations have created a tremendous amount of social fanfare to orbit their activities and garner new resources. The issue here is that the flamboyance of it all cheapens the experience.

It happens to be in line with an inner compulsion, set by our capitalistic society to acheive ever increasing levels of grandeur. But the true movers and shakers of our society reach their goals through more modest means. And if that means that they forgo the attention from the elite echelons… so be it.

At TVC in Safed, we’ve chosen this second path. To find families in crisis and then to “get our hands dirty” to help them out. This is what makes us a top Israeli charity.

Here’s a heart-wrenching story to bring the point home:

Struggling to Make it

Simi’s parents waited many years to have a child, and were thrilled when Simi was finally born.  Simi’s father was trained as a lawyer in a great American university, but after they made Aliyah to raise their only daughter in Israel, he was unable to find a job. Their economic situation deteriorated to the point where they didn’t always have food in the house.

There was certainly no money to give Simcha a quality Jewish education like they dreamed of.

But we found them.

Today Simi receives transportation to the Tzedakah V’Chesed nursery school free of charge, and a beautiful Jewish education from the devoted staff at this top Israeli charity school. We provide her with meals to nourish her body and love to nourish her soul. We even send home food packages so her parents will have food in the fridge for themselves too. Around the holidays, we send home clothing and more to ensure that family time is quality time.

We are the unsung heroes of Israeli social causes and that’s that makes us a top Israeli charity. Now is your chance to join us and make a massive difference.