Educate Young Women

What factors should you look at when you are choosing how to educate women and girls? What makes a top Jewish charity organization? Where should you give Tzedakah?

You should start by asking important questions:

  • How are they tackling critical issues like hungry children and child poverty?
  • Educating disadvantaged women and girls?
  • How are they supporting poor families?
  • Community-based grassroots movements?

What is their relationship to Israel? Do they represent the Holy Land?

Now, no one wants to get hit over the head with a spreadsheet of numbers. So we need the right story that encapsulates the entire broad picture.

Here is one such story. It’s about how educating girls can impact the entire family.

You Raised Me Up

Noa’s family is riddled with complications. She is the oldest of 8 (and still counting) siblings. Dad is unable to work and Mom has to split her time between part-time jobs, taking care of Dad and, of course – being Mom. Noa has spent her life watching her family struggle to keep heads above water.

Most people assumed that Noa would be a victim of circumstance. Trapped in the cycle of poverty, her future was grim and sealed. Tzedakah V’Chesed has been investing for more than a decade to fight this upstream battle

Twelve years ago, when Noa was first ready to enter playgroup, Tzedakah V’Chesed took her under wing. Every year we provided her with new clothes that her family couldn’t afford. We provided daily meals to feed her body, and free tuition to educate and nourish her mind. Around all of the Jewish holidays, we sent comprehensive food packages home to ensure the family would manage to cover their expenses.

Tens of thousands of dollars’ worth resources funneled into a single girl.

A Happy Ending

Noa just graduated eighth grade. Top private high schools from around the country are competing for her. Her reputation has brought elevated her family’s social status and her younger siblings are following in her footsteps.

The right educational format changes everything.

The kicker is that Noa is not the only example. Far from it. She’s one of thousands of identical cases. TVC has undertaken the mission to educate women and girls. We’ve carried out this goal with excellence.  One of the holiest cities in the holy land of Israel, Safed (Tzfat) is stricken with tremendous poverty and hunger. The Tzedakah V’Chesed organization has taken up itself to oversee all of the charity in the region and has successfully chosen educating women and girls as the medium to affect this change.

What can I do?

Now is the time to support Israel and to support girls. Now is the time give charity to a top organization.

Donate right now. You can educate women and girls with us. Donate and make an immediate impact.