Safed: City of Kabbalah

Safed is the city of Kabbalah. Issac Luria systemized the Zohar and ushered in a new era of spiritual enlightenment. Nestled in this historic Kabbalistic city is a top Jewish charity organization called Tzedakah V’Chesed (TVC). Tzedakah V’Chesed educates young girls for free, supports families-at-risk and sends clothes to those who need. Supporting such an organization is called Tzedakah – Charity. So what does Kabbalah say about Tzedakah?

Let’s take a look:

What Giving Charity Really Means

In the Talmud and the Zohar money goes by many names. One of them is דמים – Damim. This word for money is etymologically rooted to the word דם – Dam, which means blood. What is the connection between blood and money?

The Kabbalistic answer is stark and surprising. Blood spreads oxygen throughout the body, allowing us to exert energy. The overwhelming majority of our adult-life efforts are invested in making a living and earning a paycheck. Our efforts, our energy, our blood is transformed into money.

But the blood is more than just a physical means to exerting energy. According to the Torah, as explained by Kabbalah, the blood houses a certain facet of the soul, as the verse says, “כי הדם הוא הנפש” – The blood is the Soul.

This casts all of our worldly possessions in a whole new light. According to the Zohar, when I exert energy, that is the soul expressing itself in the form of physical effort. That effort is transformed into money. Do you see what this means? An echo of the soul itself is contained in my money and possessions.

And when I gift that money to someone in need? When I give Tzedakah? I’m giving that person my very essence. I’m giving them the gift of soul, of self. This is the greatest gift that could ever be given.

Now is the Time

Take this idea and put it into action. Make a commitment. Do the right thing and donate Tzedakah to TVC now. Give young women a chance at social mobility. Give families hope. You can feed a hungry child.

TVC is the lifeline of the ancient, mystical city of Safed. Our programs are breaking the cycle of poverty through education. Our immediate relief programs send clothing and food to where they are needed, making countless lives better.

Join us. Why? Because you can.

All you need to do is click this link.