A wonderful evening of short skits, singing and dancing was arranged for our first grade class and the girls’ mothers, grandmothers and sisters.


The mothers all had a hand in making the beautiful dessert table for all to enjoy during the intermission.


The evening started with the girls singing. It brought smiles to all of our faces. The girls were well prepared and enjoying themselves. There were beautiful outfits sewn specially for them and different costumes they changed into throughout the evening.


The girls were each called individually to come and receive their siddur from their teacher. A photo was taken of each girl receiving her siddur from her teacher so she will have a nice keepsake from the evening. The girls couldn’t wait to get back to their places on stage to start looking at their new siddurs. Once they had all received their siddurs, they read some passages together.


The girls sang more songs and then went to change for their skits. An overhead projector was used to create the backdrop for the different scenes along with appropriate music to give the skits the feel of a real performance. Some of the girls could be great in a Drama Club!

It was a special, meaningful evening for all of our first graders: not only did they experience the joy of receiving their first siddurs, but also of performing and sharing their evening with their loved ones.