Safed: The Holy City

Safed is one of the four holy cities in Israel. It’s steeped in history and lore. Unfortunately, it currently faces serious poverty and cultural issues. Because of this, we’ve founded Tzedakah V’Chesed and right now is your chance to make an impact. And you should. Why? Because you can.

First, and just for you, a totally unique perspective on the history:

Legend has it that Safed (also known as Tzfat. Tzefat or Tzfas) was founded thousands of years ago after Noah exited the Ark after the Great Flood. The incredible symbolism here is that modern history is rooted in Tzfat. And that couldn’t be truer.

The Great Flood is an allegorical reference to the expulsion of Spanish Jewry at the turn of the 1500’s. It marked the violent end of an era of antisemitism and oppression. But after this devastation, the greatest Jewish intellectual capital – its sages and their followers – flocked to the highest settles city in Israel… they migrated to Safed. It became a center of Jewish education. The tradition of Jewish law – Halachah – was cemented there by Rabbi Yosef Karo. The sublime heights of Jewish Mysticism – Kabbalah – were obtained there by Rabbi Isaac Luria. The knowledge culled there was disseminated to the masses, elevating their daily lives and making an irreversible positive mark on Judeo ethics forever.

After surviving massacres, earthquakes and more, today, Safed is the spiritual capital of the world. It’s home to a tremendously diverse artist, hippy, Hassidic and academic culture. Safed boasts historic attractions and views mountainous vistas available nowhere else.

The Facts on the Ground

But there are some staggering statistics about the people living there that put a damper on the majesty. The average income in Safed is more than 35 percent less than the national average. Most families are living on $1,200 dollars a month. Additionally, the cycle of poverty continues itself because education is heavily promoted. While a local college imports students from around the country, less than half of teens graduate highschool.

Something has to change.

How YOU can Help

Tzedakah V’Chesed is making that change.

Take this story for example: We knew that things were complicated at home. Both parents are plagued by psychological ailments and are constantly at war with their children. Sarah F. went missing from school for a few days, but finding Sarah (age 16) sleeping in the stairwell of an apartment building was too much to bare.

But Tzedakah V’Chesed was right there. TVC’s Director of Education, Mrs. Konig, invited Sarah into her own home and gave Sarah a private entrance. She’s eating home-cooked meals, she’s back in school and she’s on her way to graduating.

It’s that kind of innate love for students that’s going to make the long-term difference. Because Sarah is not a unique case. These kinds of miracles are happening all the time at we’re reaping the benefits of our investments. We provide free education, hot meals and clothing packages. We’re the lifeline of children, families and the entire Safed community.

Donate now and make a direct impact. Why? Because you can help us break the cycle of poverty and make the world a better place.

In your own little way.