Support Israel by Supporting TVC

If you’re looking for ways to support Israel, you should focus on Israeli Charities that are aiding underprivileged demographics that are struggling within the system. So let’s talk about Tzedakah V’Chesed.

While it is true that much infrastructure has been invested into Jerusalem, the Center (Tel Aviv) and their surrounding areas, the northern and southern regions of this otherwise booming country are somewhat neglected.

Recent research relays that poverty is highest in the north. This comes as a surprising shock, because it seems that the most densely populated areas, filled with impoverished demographics are centered in Jerusalem. The answer is that although there are “hot-zones” of terrible poverty in Jerusalem, the whole city is cushioned with affluent and stable areas. Additionally, because property tax is so high, the municipality is empowered to provide easily accessible benefits and services to their constituents.

Therefore, when choosing to support Israel, it’s absolutely crucial to focus your donation on communities outside of the center, and closer to the north, where widespread poverty is truly an issue.

This is why you should be donating to Tzedakah V’Chesed in Safed.

A Story is Worth So Much More

Miriam moved to Israel with her husband and NINE children. The moved to Tzfat to realize their dream of being close to action of spirituality in the world. Sadly, cancer struck like lightening a stole Miriam from her family.

New in Israel, and with no support system in place, the family was on the brink of collapse. Our amazing team and Tzedakah V’Chesed swooped to make life easier. Miriam’s husband was suffering from immobilizing depression, there was no income flow and no stable education system in place.

We worked with social workers to find foster care for the children, provided free education as well as food packages and yearly clothing boxes to make sure that moving forward in life would be possible for Miriam dear children.

We’re proud to say that although things are difficult, we’ve made tremendous progress. Miriam’s children are thriving in school (thanks in part to the free school supplies and private tutoring that we provide. Although they don’t live with Dad, the kids have all maintained their relationship with him and we are working tirelessly to reconnect this family.

You can be a Part of the Blessing

We urge you to donate to Tzedakah V’Chesed. The story of Miriam and her children is not unheard of or uncommon. Sadly, we confront heartbreaking stories on a daily basis. But we’re proud of the lifesaving and society-shifting work that we’re doing here. So if you want to bolster Israeli society, if you’re looking to support Israel, help us help the weakest links in the chain.

Thank you.