Israeli Charities: Promoting Social Mobility

A top Israeli charity has the ability to make sustainable and real change over the long term. Tzedakah V’Chesed is one such organization. Such an accomplishment requires programs that carry beneficiaries through to their ultimate goals. Here is one such story.

Remy was three years old when she first entered our programs. Her mother had not managed to wrap her hands around the complicated bureaucratic process needed to enroll her daughter and family in the necessary welfare programs. The first of September arrived and Remy still had no school to go to. This is where met Remy and her mother.

“Please help us.” “Of course.”

We took Remy into our preschool without any of the prerequisite paperwork. “We’ll worry about it later.” We aided, informed and encouraged the family throughout the complicated process of getting re-established.

Our care for Remy matched that of every student-in-need at Tzedakah V’Chesed. We provided arts and crafts materials and warm, healthy food. We even sent home servings for the rest of the growing, hungry family.

As she grew up we included textbooks to our yearly list of aid-supplies. Boxes of new and beautiful clothes were also given.

We nurtured her all the way through high school where she graduated with honors. That’s thirteen years of innumerable resources funneled into one blossoming young woman.

A Happy Ending

Well guess what, Remy just got engaged! Amazing!

Do you see what consistency can do? This is why TVC is a top Support Israel Charity. We know what it takes to take a child in need and support her through every stage of growth as we ready her for a successful, integrated adult life.

And not only that: TVC has countless of young female beneficiaries who follow a similar course. Toddlers living in strenuous family scenarios, whose parents turn to us for support. Little do they know how much they are going to receive.

What You Can Do

Right now you should donate to this best Israeli Charity, Tzedakah V’Chesed and make an immediate impact in a child’s life. And your help won’t stop there, because TVC aids the entire family.

Get involved now.