Support a top Israeli Charity

When you donate to Tzedakah V’Chesed, you are supporting a top Israeli charity.

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, the most eminent leader of the Jewish people in Israel and abroad is intimately involved with countless charity organizations in Israel and around the world. His word is essentially law. ‘Reb Chaim’ has already declared that Tzedakah V’Chesed is one such top jewish Israeli charity.

Here’s what they do: Tzedakah V’Chesed provides free preschool and education through the eighth grade. The preschools are mixed and the grade school is for girls. Tzedakah V’Chesed also provides food and clothing packages as well as guides the families of its students through often arduous bureaucratic processes.

Students from the school come from difficult, often traumatic backgrounds. Poverty, death of a parent, homelessness and more are all unfortunately common. We ensure that our students have all their needs met so they can develope.

Social Mobility in Israel

Social mobility in Israel is relatively high; except in vulnerable populations… where it counts. The ultra-orthodox community has more difficulty accessing benefits and quality education. The government invests less resources into improving infrastructure of such communities and there are few tools available to break the cycle of poverty that is so prevalent among the religious.

Additionally, the problem is aggravated in communities outside the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv population centers. Farther north and south there are even less resources funneled towards aiding those who need it most.

Why Tzedakah V’Chesed Matters

This is why donating to Tzedakah V’Chesed is so important. We are a top israeli charities. We are making a serious difference in a region that needs your support israel. TVC takes young, up-and-coming women from terribly challenging backgrounds and gives them a shot at moving beyond their obstacles and attaining true success.

Everyone deserves a chance to do better. But default life circumstances can make the odds insurmountable. That’s why we’re here. Tzedakah V’Chesed is a top Israeli charity becuase we’re tipping the scales in favor of deserving young women.

You can help them. You can make an immediate impact. Your donation will change the life of a girl giving 100% of her efforts to escaping poverty.